Having been born with a passion for music, it is only natural I’m still pickin’ & strummin’ after half a century has passed.

Over the past few years, I have enjoyed exploring the world of acoustic fingerpicking (a legacy of being on the road for the past 3 years with no other musicians to play with).

As a result of playing solo, I have more actively pursued the genre of ‘Travis Picking’ (an expression coined after the great Merle Travis). Merle Travis was one of the first people to use the ‘Boom-Chick’ thumb picking on the bass strings to establish a strong rhythm to allow his melody to sound out on the treble strings of his guitar.

Of course, I can’t ignore the electric guitar, which has been the main instrument throughout my professional career. Hence you will find frequent reference to, The Shadows, The Ventures, etc. as you browse this website.

And… if you are hard-pressed to find something to listen to, you can always check out my videos and mp3 tracks.